Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Local Journey Mans Leage

So my local game store  Game Kastle is hosting a journey mans league. As some of you may know this is a perfect chance for people who been playing Warmachine / Hords for a long time to try a new faction :)

So I thought I was allowed to play a 11 pnt battle box with infantry so I put together this list:

pDenney aka 'Dirty D' (+5)
- Pistol Wraith (3)
- Death Ripper (4)
- Death Ripper (4)
- Stalker (4)
- Machine Wratih (1)

Now this list has a tone of denial for the big pesky models on the other side with the ability to still have two arc nodes on the field for multi direction. Then I learned we were playing Mangled Metal only so I threw this together:

pDenney aka 'Dirty D' (+5)
- Death Ripper (4)
- Death Ripper (4)
- Stalker (4)
- Hell Diver (3)

This is what I found after running this list twice. Several people picked for their starting boxes as they were all customized were heavy’s + Caster. Now the problem with Cryx is that our heavy’s cannot really have a slug fest so we NEED to have the first strike. And now this would not normally be a bad thing with Denny but I made a list above that has no heavy’s. I thought I could circle my stalkers around the flank all stealth like but man is it hard to get that strike in when you have no way to stop there caster form just charging and trashing them.

I am learning all over again that as cryx I am really waiting for my opponent to make some silly mistake. I want them to move in the wrong place so I can get the charge off but if they decide to sit back and play it safe all I can do is sit and wait. I do not have any speed advantage thanks to them being about the same speed as the casters and they can face smash me with no problem.

So hopefully you guys can learn from my silly mistakes and I hope to figure out how to make the stalker and Hell Diver work as I never considered them vary good models. I am thinking now that they would of made better choices at a larger point value but as it stands I all ready submitted my list and cannot go back on it. So may the dice be tossed I am going to learn or fail one way or another =)


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I huff and I puff and your Kador Jacks fall down

Take it from the post

 PremiumGamer ask "so every time i play against khador i get desrtoyed by their jacks and was wondering how other crix player deal with them "

Nice one PremiumGamer and welcome to another episode of "Take it from the post" Are question is actually a quit common one on the Cryx forms over at Privateer Press and don't worry I been RIGHT ware you are now.

When dealing with ANY high armor model on the board there are lots of choices you have. So lets just stick with Kador Jacks for now but remember you can use this knowledge for any high armor model on the field.

So lets ask some basic questions first shall we? These will determent HOW your going to deal with a kador jack.

1) Do I NEED to kill said model? 

2) Can I go AROUND this Model?

3) Can I go THROUGH this model?

If you can go around or through a model then by all means do it your saving your self the pain in the head of dealing with it. If you really have to kill it then get ready to devote a lot of resources to the fight. Remember a jack is not dead till its dead.

Which to take Malic or Reaper?

This has been quit a heated discussion on the Cryx forms ( when a new players to the undead army asked “Which is better Malice or Reaper?” I would say it was not long after those words left the keyboard and traveled into cyber space to only start a spark of a revolution amongst the cryx players like a feeding frenzy with sharks and a bloody bascket of tuna.
But this dose beg the question dose it not? Which IS better? Well on the outside you think there the same jack one being more points but pushing a higher RAT / POW on harpoon being Malice and the other one only getting reach as the trade off…

That is the great thing about Mathew Wilson, Chief Creative Officer at Privateer Press, who purposely generate tones of models but no two are the same. Sure due to blaring weaknesses and things you know that other people will bring across the board there are obviously models that are better choices but that is not to say you can promise that the guy across the board is going to DO exactly what you think or want him to do. The answer is neither folks and I am going to tell you why.

So lets start with Malice:

This bad boy came out with the Wrath expansion but do to some lacked information on the Cryx forms this model all ready gained popularity way before the release of Wrath. Cryx loves board control in so many ways weather its them not letting you move some ware or forcing there enemy out of some one ellses hidy hole. Here is the break down folks.

The armor of Malice goes up as the more sole he stacks allowing you to push up to a chance of 20 ARM. This is the awesome threshold for us to get to and something that Kahdor take for granite way to much. If you don’t know what I am talking about try taking a Slayer up agents something and see what happens to your poor model. Sense you start with one soul you are putting yourself to ARM 18.

Higher chance to pull the drag
Malice brings the two thing that Reaper is lacking in there biggest trick and that is drag. With drag your threat range goes from a possible 9’ (Malice: Charge + SPD 6) or 11’ (Reaper: Charge + Reach + SPD6) to 14” which even gives Cygnar a run for there money. Higher RAT also helps as we are now at 7 instead of the low brand of 5. You know what they say “Rat 5 is just enough to hit the broad side of a kahdor Jack.” The last thing that helps seal the deal with the drag trick is a POW of 14 instead of 12. This really helps to make sure your going to get the drag off. The reaper is only RAT 5 and POW 12… You are supposed to boost once on the hit or damage but with the reaper I find I am doing both ALL.THE.TIME. to pull off the darn drag =(

Aww the glory of Possession and the BEST part is that you start with a soul right off the bat. The only problem you will find is that first you need to hit your target but go go MAT 7 right? And then you have to spend said soul effectively going back to ARM 17 and need to be ok with that. The good thing is that you can move the model with its back turned to your waiting Wither Shadow Combine. This is known as the dark industry trick.

Step 1) Find juicy target 14” away from Malice that is a jack with a working cortex
Step 2) Drag said jack also boost damage if you can any bit you hurt the jack easier the combine kill will work.
Step 3) Hit jack and posses it once again you may want to boost this one to put some more damage on it
Step 4) Have jack advance and spin its back to Wither Shadow Combine say hello to FREE seethe with 3 “weapon master” guys coming in on your target with affective MAT 8…

The downfall of this guy is you’re spending 9 pnts. Also you will notice the possession will only work on a JACK not a WARBEAST so you are not faction limited in your effectiveness though this is definitely more of a meta downfall. But if you’re going into tournaments be aware of what your getting your self into. So if you cannot afford sports car of the drag jacks then this guy is not for you any way you slice it…

The Reaper

This model was the vary first drag jack we had and was loved by many for a long time. What this guy brings that Malic does not is a few things to take into affect.

Reach + Sustained Attack + Tusks Attack
This guys is definitely more of a melee option jack opposed to Malice being a one trick pony. I won games thanks to this guys reach alone with Sustained attack. And if I can get close enough I will take another P/S 12 attack please =) In a Malice theme list your putting a 6 pnt jack on the table with a threat range of 13” ( SPD 6 + 3 charge + 2 Terminal Velocity + 2 Reach) and until you have that range or say you take two you can “drag” out of the way anything that is in the way of your killer. And even when you get the range all you need to do is “hit” the target and POOF you get sustained attack off. Now you may ask why would I ever bother to go melee instead of Drags 14” range. Well that is simple, have you seen my RAT 5… ya… RAT 5 that’s why and when Terminal Velocity is pushing 3d6 to hit on melee attacks and all I need to land is one to trigger sustained attacks just makes me smile =)

The bad is that your sitting at RAT 5 and POW 12… This means that it’s a lot harder to get the drag off as your tend to boost both your shot and your damage to even try the 14” drag off. Sure it can be done but the deck is stacked agenst you.

I know all of you can tell me “But you can sac movement” Um I rarly run into times when I can just stay still as cryx and the jucy important targets are in the back.

The infanant Drag + kill loop
For those of you who have never heard of this there is a trick with “Drag” models that I like to bring up. Look up Dark spot on eSkare list. Now see how it drops a targets DEF by 2? Now your Reaper is 7 and Malic is 8. Now you can not say that’s awesome alone :D now the next part man hold on to your hats. Lets say you hook shot a target… drag it in.. and kill it with your FREE melee attack. Guess what you get another attack… This means if you can keep pulling this off then poof as long as there is something with in 8” of your Reaper/Malice means you will keep killing. Welcome to the infinite kill loop with Reaper/Malice. The hard part is finding the right models to do this with. They need enough HP or armor to survive the harpoon then make sure they die on the face smash soon to follow.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Bane Thralls OR Bane Knights? Which it better?

 I see this questions show up a lot on forms and in person so I figured I give my 2 cents on the units and what there roles are in a army.

From my xp most opponent lists bring shooting of some kind weather its for softening up the targets while they come into range or generally there main strategy of winning you find it a lot.

That being said Banes offer a uniqe nitch in the Cryx unit arsenal as they can handle heavy armor targets which you will un doubtfully run agents weather its jacks or Iron fang pike men or even Templar nights. Lets face it we need to crack armor and that's what the banes do.

With that in mind your right we have two Bane units to pick from the "Bane Knights" and the "Bane Thralls" this is how I look at them personally:


The Cost?
A full on Bane thrall unit will the necessary tools to survive is going to cost your around 15 pnts that's Full unit of Bane thralls (10) + UA + The BLT tax

What do you get in this package?
* POW 13 (dark shroud)
* threat range 10"
* 4d6 dice on charge models
* stealth to handle shooting
* ARM 15 to survive blast damage most the time
* tough
* free stand up on maintenance phase
* remove stationary for free

I have put kador jacks to bed with 4-5 of these guys on the charge and that's easily a 10pnt model scraped if I can get two groups on the charge I can scrap 20+ pnts in one round if there kador jacks. Talk about a return on your investment right?

Now what do they lack?
They can't handle rough terrain sadly and it gets tricky keeping them together with your officer in a safe place. Its easy to want to jump your officer and FB into the fray speciously sense there sporting weapons but DON'T. Its not worth the loss of tough and dead rising believe me. There biggest problem is not being able to ignore rough terrain sense there are a lot of player that will take advantage of said things.

There slow... With a natural SPD 5 your not ghosting through thick building and still getting a chance to attack this has caught me off guard many a times when I tried to reach a juicy target on the other side of a wall and found my self lacking the 1" I needed to do what I wanted to do. They are fast on the charge with BLT but that means you NEED to manuver BLT to get them to what you want.

Is dark shroud worth it? Well is +2 damage on any other model in your army worth it? This is not a spell btw so you can park a BT in melee range of a juicy target that is immune to spells and still get the benefit some times that 2 damage is all you need to win the game or tip the scales in your favor so I think it is fantastic :) As they say any little helps.

They need BLT to work past smashing heavy ARM targets. If your soaking so many pnts into a package deal then they need to be able to handle infantry as well which means you need to become good at maneuvering BLT on the field as well as them. This takes practices and time to learn. Also you will be tempted to bring BLT into the fight but only do this if you can shield him with new Bane Thralls after to go to town.

BANE Knights

The Cost?
A full on Bane Knights unit will the necessary tools to survive is going to cost your around 14 pnts that's Full unit of Bane Knights + the BLT tax

What do you get in this package?
* POW 11
* threat range 12"
* 4d6 dice on charge models
* Vengeance to close the distance on shooting + double the carnage when all ready in melee
* ARM 16 to survive blast damage most the time
* Ghostly to ignore free strike + go through terrain / obstetrical

Still have the power that thralls bring but with lacking Dark Shroud be ready to commit more to the effort of taking down a arm 20+ model. But the nice thing with reach you can fit a lot more of them around a target :)

Now what do they lack?
They are easy to shoot up across the board. When your pushing only ARM 16 and crap DEF of 12 so guess what your going to be hit. If there toting anything at POW 11+ there going to kill you on average dice rolls most the time.

Like there Bane thrall cousins there still slow... The kick back through is with Vengeance you get a free +3" if any of them get taken out which makes the rest of the unit seem "Faster" the nice thing is even in the thick of things you benefit from this. Its one of those models that your damned if you don't and damned if you do :)

Ooooo Ghostly! how dose that affect there game play?
As I said Banethralls fail at being able to be vary mobile thanks to not being able to handle rough terrain or Obstetrical in there way. This make them highly predictable to control on the board. But where they lack the Bane knights ex sell. There easy to shoot but they can come from any ware and with Ghostly + Vengeance + reach weapon together you can "Side step" things in front of them and kill things behind them like a juicy UA or important solo.

Why should I care about Vengeance?
Vengeance is the chance to get up the field, re organize your ranks, and sweep through ranks to better targets thanks to having ghostly also. A known tactic is to put one out on its own in front of the other ones to tempt players into trying and killing it. If a player did not read about "vengeance" then there going to kill it and suddenly scream out hax when all your stuff moves closer at the begin of your next turn :) I love this so much!

They still need BLT look above for the reason why...

So which sould I take? BANE THRALLS or BANE KNIGHTS?!

The answer is simple. You should take the unit that best compliments your caster. I try and run it this way my friend:

Dose my caster have access to ghostly? If yes, then I take the Bane thralls hands down. If no, I take the bane Knights.

It is as simple as that with some few exceptions thanks to caster tactics and that's this with eLich thanks to causing mist and reach lets you park your Bane Knight right out of the edge and lolz as there unit in the mist will die if they stay in the mist or get a free strike and die if they try to leave the mist. Plus with his feat anything with a super long threat range is awesome.

Another caster I bring them with a lot is with Venethrax thanks to there ability to effectively get two hits in with vengeance helps with corpse harvesting for Venethrax spell "Soul Harvest". Pluss he falls into my rule above of not having a way of giving out Ghostly to his units.

I know you can argu just take Saxon Oric to give out pathfinder to the Bane Thralls but I could also put those 2pnts into a solo that can spray / shadow bind / power boost aka war which sooooo ya no thanks.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Cryx Mercenary and Minions Contracts guid

Hired Guns & Paying Blades
Cryx Mercenary and Minions Contracts

What is this guide about?
This is a guide I have put together after being tiered of running into the same questions 1-2 times a week on the Cryx forms “So what are good Mercenary/Minions for Cryx?” And as you read through the posts I see lots of people ask “Hey what is Saxon Oric I don’t see it in my Cryx cards / Forces of wars book??” So let’s dive in weather you are new to the game or a vet maybe you will find something new. If you have more information you like to add to this guid PLEASE email me on my blog or send me a PM. This is constantly evolving and I like to make it a one stop shop for these kinds of questions.

Not everything in this guide is 100 play tested by me I have either researched it and/or play tested it. I may of even gotten tips by other players which if I do I will site the reference. Please, Please, AND PLEASE play tests any model you are recommended on VASSAL before spending money on the model. Your time and your cash is paresis so don’t waist it. I don’t want to be flooded with hate mail of “You said blah blah rocks with blah blah I want my money back.”

Guide Key:
Minion model, Mercenary model

Snapjaw & Wrong Eye
Price = 9pnts

Wrong Eye at a glance
Snapjaw is only pushing a speed 5 meaning you’re not going to be moving fast up the board. Sense you’re not pushing a 6 or 7 means you’re not getting up the board fast and with no pathfinder you’re going to get bogged down in rough terrain. His only advantage sadly is only fear less which is kind of silly when not many things have abomination / terror and his CMD is 9… When the average roll of 2d6 is 7 who cares when your CMD is 9. His fury stat of 4 is nice though letting you suck all of your Snapjaws fury and allows you to run hot all night/day long =)

Sadly his def is at the 12 threshold so hes going to get hit by anyone but his ARM are just above the damage threshold being 17 so AOE damage won’t hurt on blast and ppl need to be pushing above P/S 10 to finally matter.
His weapons are nothing impressive having two is nice and one is reach (Swamp Hook) but past that I would say it’s at best there to help kill off pesky low ARM targets your just stuck boosting at Mat 6 is not going to hit most solos / high def targets.

The Good
Snapjaw has two great spells to note at one being Influence and the other one is Voodoo Doll but remember your FOC is 4 so it’s going to be hard to hit anything with them. In the end don’t rely on them as a tool box spells without some set up. I love Voodoo Doll to make a beast useless thanks to removing a aspect lets you rly mess around with the field.
You got Amphibious so now you can move in water be it deep or shallow with no problem. I love going into deep water and just sitting there so that I don’t block LOS. You also can not be target by range attacks be it normal or magic means thanks. So find a puddle and sit in it.

Bite attack lets you heal your own model which helps with survivability but hey if your in melee be warned ppl will be gunning for you sense if they remove you then they remove the problem of your beast.

The Bad
 His low DEF means your going to get hit with RAT 5 enjoy being a easy kill. Sense Snap jaw likes to run hot your not going to be holding much to transfer damage also sadly. Being a lesser warlock you still are stuck with a vary small CTL range meaning your going to be in the tough spots being in near the front line. You got only 8 HP, easy to hit, and last only  a moderate arm of 17…. If someone wants to kill you they will do it without a problem.

The Bottom Line
So after going over the pros and cons of this model the bottom line is that he’s still relatively resilient and if your smart about placement then you can affectively screen the guy with models or sit him 8” back. But don’t get to cocky or if you NEED to bring him in melee harm range don’t run Snapjaw hot at least keep one fury on the guy to transfer damage you don’t have a lot to play with. If they don’t one shot you then you can pick up with Bite and self healing then get out of there! Over all a great model with some decent tool box spells but his low speed is rly the spot he suffers the most to be honest sense his DEF is only 12…

Snapjaw at a glance
He pretty much sits at the same SPD of Wrong Eye which is nice to be honest. Also he pushing the same DEF as his master but at least he’s got a ARM 18 putting him at the Crabjack lvl. His HP pool is pushing a High Body count of 14 at a total of 27 HP means your doing pretty good but not in the lvl of a Kador jack of 30+. He can take a beating but he will die like anything ells. A fury of 4 is amazing as it lets you pretty much crash anything you want =)

His weapons are a tail with reach, critical knock down, and pushing P/S 14 which is awesome! And his other weapon is Bite at p/s 17 which is your money damage attack but no reach so it’s not the threat range you have with the other weapons choice.

The Good
Animus of Submerge is where the money is at man! For only the low low cost of 2 focus you can make your model not block LOS, not be target by range, and not target by magic attacks! I love this part of him if you have not figure that out =) Now Blood thirst is amazing sense you can now charge living models with +2” of movement meaning you will get the alpha strike most the time on living targets. He is sporting also Amphibious and Man-eater lets you charge living warrior models with out being forced.

The bond is really nice sense every time Snapjaw boxes a model you get to heal him or Wrong Eye which is how you’re going to keep him and your caster alive. By all means this is what makes the pair survive so well to be honest.

The Bad
Were Snapjaw really lack is his movement just like his counterpart sadly. It’s not hard to see your not getting up the field fast as both of them lack pathfinder and for this matter obstacles like forest can really force your hands on where your going. This will put you at a disadvantage and make you predictable. And when your predictable you all ready got one foot in the grave my friend. The reach is nice for threat range but it sucks that its on the lower end weapon in the P/S department : (

Tactics Tips
Wrong eye and Snapjaw have a slow movement witch means your army flank or center now has a slow movement. But you also now have a model pair that wont be easy to pick off with all the shooting on the board thanks to Submerge. I love having a heavy hitter sit on my flank that the other guy cant reach or shoot. That is there true power to be honest you get to engage on your terms which means now you have a heavy hitter that will wreck anything it can touch. And tell me how many casters you face that are “alive” =) now you see the picture my friend.

There a pair that will also not drain on your mana. Like most Cryx casters we hate giving up are focus and for this matter we like things that are self contained. Well it does not get more self contained when you need a heavy then a minor warlock. Not only are you not tapping your casters pool your also got a pair that can hold a flank on their own thanks to not being stuck in your casters control range. This is why I prefer wrong eye and snap jaw vs say a Seether. There the same points but you don’t get the same board control options or tool box spells. If your meta is Hords heavy they are going to learn to HATE your Wrong eye and Snapjaw rather fast!

Up next is Rorsh and Brine

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Under the Hood - Cryx Soulhunters "4 hooves, 2 arms, 1 head, and lots of fail"

Today on "Under the Hood" we are going to take a look at Cryx calvary unit. As you know all ready WM/Hords brings us Magical casters, Strong foot soljures, Power house machines, raging beasts, and the ultimet in military utopea the calvary. Every good mideval or fantasy game should have SOME form of calvary for crying out loud and for Cryx we got the Soulhunters.


As you can tell from my super dooper outburst of cheer that this unit is lacking... ok it just is plain sad lacking. I don't like them and today we will give them a look under the hood. As always lets look at the stat line.

SPD: 8 (Charge threat range is 8 + 3 + 2 reach = 13")
STR: 7
MAT: 6 (couldn't hit the broad side of a kador jack sadly)
RAT: 4
DEF: 14 (Decent DEF so only things that can boost or have high rats/mats should be hitting them)
ARM: 15 (look they wont die to most blast damage!)

P/S 13

P/S 11
Life drink - heals soulhunter for d3 if they kill something with THIS weapon

Pow 10

Undead  (Cool no fear always nice perk for being dead)
Body Count - Gets 1 soul token (max 3) if it destroys a living model with a attack you can only use them to boost attack / damage rolls sadly so no more minni threshing :(

The Good :-)
At a glance and due to the rules this unit looks like a great front end infantry killing machine. You get three attacks + one being reach. You can boost the attack / damage rolls. Whats not to like here? With being a large base lots of targets will be in range when you do the attacks and on top of it you can't trample right past them so they HAVE to deal with your guys. The units fast for a speed 8 and you get to make impact attacks giving you the horse also. If you get up to three souls you can start taking on heavy infantry but I would not go anyhing larget then a 8 would ARM 18 target with out some debuffs / buffs on my side.

Pop and drop trick with tall in the saddle with are Dragoon is awesome. The ability to go incorporeal on the fly and rush some one behind a line of guys and going incomplete is a great way to throw a kink in some ones line plan. I love doing this and seeing my competition go "What just happened to my support / important models safe in the back?!"

The Bad  :-[
This unit want to be awesome hell it even LOOKS AWESOME! That is why I purchased a min unit before even reading there rules or play testing <Bad choice if your strap for cash>

1) There squishy meaning most armys will gun them down before they even get into the prime position you need them into.

2) There light calvary... and light calvary suck sense the errata. Basickly they all get to move 5" after they all finished there activation o you also can't do this on a turn they RAN. So I can run 16" or advance 13"... Which one do you think I will pick? Ok its not all bad what if you want to hit a point and then get out of the way for other guys? Sure this is the ONLY  viable way I can see using them personaly because I promise if you did not KILL that target or put your self in the right spot some ware ells your going to get free striked and die by something sense there fragil as sin.

3) Expensive. Enough said there supposed to be for high mobility but if I wanted that I would just of brought me some Satix Raiders and more survival... There def sucks / there hp is low / there arm is low / soooo why am I paying this much for this unit?

Who works well with them?
Well there a high mobile and with are dragoon scary heavy hitter guys with souls of course. The only trick is to getting ware you want to hit hard like a caster or some vary important UA / Solos. If you can't kill there caster cripple them so bad they wish you did kill there caster I always say.

They need help hitting to work well or getting in the right spot so the following casters I find work well with them:
- pDenny because she makes every one great with debuffs
- Coven has some great movement shenanigans that you can get ware ever you want any time you want
- pSkar solves there need to hit problem so you can use all the souls on just hitting hardware
- pGaspy can make it so they will always hit hard just use the soul to make sure you hit

That's all I got to say on this topic though so you all have a great night/day!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Seethers, Harrowers, and Leviathans O my!

Take it from the post

So Theticus brings up a great question here for when you want to move up the size of your army or purly want to pick out some amazing sculpt from the talented artist at Privateer Press and when a jack can cost you ~$30 (2011) it really can get expensive fast. So the question we got here is what purpose do they serve? So who will you get the most mileage out of? Let’s take a closer look at the models here in question:


Sporting the Slayer chassis which is one of are more fragile box lay out only sporting a whopping 28 HP and only ARM 17 means you will break pretty easy but that’s the bad about this model what does it do good?

This bad boy is on the list of top efficient Jacks with Chain attack, run for free, gets a free focus every upkeep phase (can’t still go past 3 focus on him though), and charging for free they can take care of themselves. So if you got a caster who hates giving up there focus like o pDenny then bam this is your guy. Also if you’re sporting the Wither Shadow Combine ALWAYS make this guy.


This guy is sporting a SPD 5 sadly unlike the Seether at a SPD 6 but hey he got path finder, can’t be knocked down, and has 30 HP to boot with ARM 18. He is not getting any ware fast but he is not going down on the way there easily. The role this guy fills is he will kill lots of infantry with thresher and reach to boot he gets souls that he can use to boost to hit or damage helping you make sure you keep hitting with that thresher attack or killing said target. 

If my target say is ARM 20 shield walled pike men then I will boost the damage after I kill each one in the thresher attack then the soul I get I will use on the next victim in the attack to boost the damage and so on. The last soul in the line I will use for my next round of charging or boosting to repeat the process. Now if there DEF 14+ then I do the same thing just boos to hit instead.

I give this guy easily the seal of approval for focus efficient Jack just not as good as the Seether in this regard but still it usually only takes one soul to get this guy going and he is set. His 2nd ability is he can shoot a ghost shot 3” AOE that you can use to snipe important targets in the background that you can’t normally get to like important solos or UA ppl are keeping way back. Boost to hit and watch the body’s stacked sadly his RAT 5 warrants this but hey were cryx rang confuses us I guess.


We are back to the crab jack chaise with the perks attached and the same problems too. The sad thing is this is one of are very few true range units in the Cryx arsenal and we are stuck once again with a RAT of 5 so you better be gunning for DEF 12 targets most the time less your willing to boost to hit. Now he dose come with a range 13 POW 15 / 14 pending if the targets Large / Medium base which is ware he scores great points.

On his own he can take down a heavy as long as you slow down that target and don’t let them get in charge range but hey that’s what rough terrain is for right? I tend to like to take this guy with a pistol wraith to combo stop target with death chill + Leviathans ROF 3 weapon. Now also the other problem I find with this guy is for his points your also investing 3 focus a turn to make him rly worth his points so get ready to INVEST with your caster fronting the bill if you want to make him work.